Handbook for Willow Weaving

Book Basketry – the Art of Willow Craft by Peter JurigaThe book Basketry – The Art of Willow Craft contains all you need to confidently make your baskets. Inside its pages you will find a vast range of information:

•  a history of basketry in Slovakia,
•  how to find basketry willows in the wild,
•  instructions on growing your willows,
•  detailed step-by-step instructions for a wide range of techniques,
•  illustrated with more than 1,100 pictures.

I am pleased that Katherine Lewis has assisted with the English translation of this book.

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Hi Peter,
Just wanted to let you know that I received your book in the post today and it’s amazing! I’m absolutely astonished at the vast amount of knowledge and skills you have put into it, I haven’t even used it yet and have been amazed at how many things I now have to try, it’s really the best willow weaving book I’ve ever seen and I’m so grateful that you made it.
Many thanks.

Received the book, Peter, thanks. I very much like the extensive use and detail of pictures for the ‘how-to’s’. Sometimes authors leave out things which they consider evident, but at first sight there are no such missing links in your book. I feel that I can get to work with the book straightaway and incorporate new techniques in the basics that I already know, which of course is exactly what I needed and expected from the book. So thank you…
Marc Van Hummelen

I have managed to have a really quick 10mins flick through your book. I would like to say congratulations to you. It is a very very good book at first glance. You have produced something that I might say could be my best book in my collection yet. I would have no problem recommending this as a first book to buy for my students. I like the clear pictures and good explanations also the history in the back of the book.
You should be really pleased with it. Your basketry skills are far-reaching.
Stephen Caulfield, Sussex Willow Baskets

I decided to buy this book because I found everything in it that I was looking for about basketry. There is a bit of history, a bit of willow growing, how to treat it and with what, and a lot of useful tips with clear pictures. When I went through the book I got the idea of how beautiful, useful, and necessary the knowledge of basket making is. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in willow basketry. This book is perfect for everybody, from beginners with willow to already skilled basketmakers. For me, the most useful parts in the book are the new basket making projects. I think all the information in the book can be useful because we forget things and this book is the best tool to revive our knowledge. The pictures in the book are very clear and understandable even without reading the captions. The book doesn’t need to be improved!
Marek Czech is a Polish basketmaker living in the UK. He has two years of basketry experience already under his belt.

My first impression of the book? Great! Really great. Of course, we can use it to learn! It is like the basketmaker says: a book you can really learn doing basketry. For us, it is also interesting, how you test the willow rods to find good quality.
Bernadette Lehner & Marlene Handschuh

Hi Peter, your wonderful book has arrived. Thank you!
I find the photos very clear and helpful and I enjoyed reading about history and about the different ways of weaving baskets. I will try that different kind of base for a start. What a huge work you put into that book.
Ilona Traut
Scotland, UK

I decided to buy this book when I saw a review of it by Lise Bech in the Danish org. magazine. From the description, it seemed like an interesting book. There are nice pictures in the book and illustrations and it is easy to understand. You can easily follow the weaving procedures and make your own baskets. I would recommend this book to others because instructions are good and clear. The history part is very local, but interesting reading.
For me the most useful in the book is the way to stake up – p. 80–84 which is different than I did till now and the rope handle – p. 114. I learned before that you should twist the willow from the tip down to the butt. I tried your way from the butt to the tip, it works much better, and the twisted willow is easier to manage around the handle and doesn’t break so easily.
Karen Halling

We are willow growers who teach basketry classes in Canada. This book is beautifully presented and a valuable tool for basket weavers of all levels. Although some of the techniques differ from the way we teach, we feel it is a good resource for learning. It is an extremely comprehensive, well-illustrated book.
Madame Twig, The Branch Ranch & Warkworth Willow Works, http://www.thebranchranch.ca

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