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I started with basketry in 1990.


Peter Juriga, basketmaker and author of the book Basketry – The Art of Willow Craft

Peter Juriga, basketmaker and author of the book Basketry – The Art of Willow Craft

My experience in basketry has led me to help others, and I can help you!

|Ξ|  On my courses, students have already made over 480 wickerworks
|Ξ|  I have supplied tens of thousands of cuttings to individuals wanting to grow their own willow
|Ξ|  I’ve sold more than 2,000 copies of Basketry – The Art of Willow Craft in Slovak
|Ξ|  Through my website and other work, I’ve continued to help people at all levels overcome their problems and improve their basketry skills

In the beginning, I was motivated by the desire to make what I imagine – something nice, something my own, and made from the available natural material. I started searching for willows around the Váh river, nearby roads, in the wild… Then I started to grow my own willows. I taught myself to weave from a few available resources but there was very little with instructions on how to weave. I searched and visited the basketmakers, gathered their experience, and I weaved and weaved. Later, when people showed interest, I started to teach basketry.

My primary work was not in basketry but creating books and other publications for customers, so I dared to write and publish my own book. I wanted to make a handbook you could have at hand while weaving. Preparing the book was years of struggle and joy, as was it’s English translation. However, today it is respected book in which the weaving procedures are so detailed and clearly shown by the pictures that you probably will not find the comparable book in the world. (You can read the review from Lise Bech, famous Great Britain basketmaker, here.)


Today I serve to basketmakers through:


|Ξ|  my book, Basketry: The Art of Willow Craft

It’s the book that teaches you how to find and recognize a good willow, how to make your own baskets, and much more.

You can buy this book directly from me. See how to purchase the book here. If you are interested, please contact me to obtain further information about how to get a copy: juriga@worldbasketry.com

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|Ξ|  Basketry courses, taught by me, to improve the skills of different levels

I do them in winter and before spring in Bratislava and near Ruzomberok in Slovakia.  I also do courses in other places on-demand, for organized groups and such.

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|Ξ|  Basketry willow rods for weaving

Quality rods are not easy to obtain. I already have good sources and suppliers of it and I can provide it to you.

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|Ξ|  Cuttings of high-quality willows for growing your own beds of willow

I have grown willows for 28 years and I have selected varieties that are great for weaving. I am always looking for new ones across the world, testing their quality and propagating the good ones. I have fresh cuttings available in late winter for spring planting. After planting my cuttings, clients often send me pictures of their planting beds and write about how they are successful with them.

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|Ξ|  Valuable articles in magazines, on the web and up-to-date information by emails

I write articles, as well as dedicated reports from basketry events and interviews with the best basketmakers, which I publish on my site.

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|Ξ|  Basic basketry tools that I offer during the winter course season

I have shears, knives, rapping irons, bodkins and sharpening tools that have proven themselves year after year and are used by basketmakers worldwide. Every winter course season I’ll offer these tools to coursemates and to my community, which you can also join.

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